Do you need to install the Pool Coping?


Several of our houses have in-ground swimming pools and it is a dream for many to make it as perfect as possible. You cannot leave the pool in an unfinished way and so coping is applied on top of it to make it look perfect and also to make it extra safe. But many people question if a Sandstone coping or other types of things are actually needed for the swimming pool. We will try to help you in finding an answer to that question and also tell you about some types of swimming pool coping that you can use.

What is a Swimming Pool Coping?

The easiest way to put is that the coping acts like a cap on the actual swimming pool. To many, the coping may appear just as a decorative piece added to the pool. Yes, it does make the pool look more presentable but it also makes the pool a safer place. The coping is mounted on a broad beam on the pool and covers its concrete edges and steel projections. Without the coping, the pool water may have gone everywhere. The coping is also installed in a tilted way so that the water can easily flow away to prevent people from slippage. Copings can be installed in straight, curved or cornered designs in one’s pool.

What type of Pool Coping Material should you choose?

This is one of the most important questions as the coping should definitely match the house and its theme. So, here are some options that one can go for:

• Brick or Natural Stone Coping: People often use natural stones or bricks to highlight pathways and other parts of the house. It looks quite different and adds a dimension to the pool. The best thing about brick and stone is that they are anti-skid. Natural stone coping can be found in granite, travertine, and sandstone pier caps and coping. Brick and natural stone both last a long time and gives a different look to the poolside.

• Concrete: This is the least expensive option and comes in two variants of poured and pre-cast. People who do not want to spend much can definitely opt for this option. The pool looks quite seamless when poured concrete is used as a coping. There are several styles that you can go for in both of the options. They aren’t prone to crack and would last a long time. Pre-cast is one of the easiest copings to apply on the pool.

Chose a coping according to your budget and make sure to do adequate research. See that the sealing of any coping has been done properly on the pool. Supervise their work and chose a coping that actually fits in the pool. Do not skip on installing the pool coping as it not only beautifies the pool but also makes it safer for everyone. You can even add fun patterns to make it a highlight on the poolside. You can easily get coping online if you are DIYing the pool.